RheaVita is originated to provide innovative solutions for the Life Sciences industries. The experience of developing innovative solutions for various industrial needs guarantees a down to earth approach leading to solutions that work.

    RheaVita is developing a continuously operating freeze drying system for processing (bio-)pharmaceuticals.

    RheaVita also delivers services on process development and instrumentation.

    RheaVita receives support of the European Union, see News for more information.

    About RheaVita

    The Name

    Jos Corver’s technical background started in Aero- and Hydrodynamics with a special emphasis on rheology. This science of the behavior of changing matter under external force has influenced his view on technology. He always have had a fascination for life and the challenging struggle for deeper knowledge. Therefore the name of the enterprise is a contraction of the Greek word Rheo and the Latin word Vita.

    The Logo

    Leonardo da Vinci is probably the first true ‘Ingenieur’ (re Ingenuity). As a personification of the ‘Homo Universalis’, his inventiveness was exhibited in arts as well as in science and technology. This ‘idol’ is Jos Corver’s inspiration and therefore we decided to derive the logo from Leonardo’s famous ‘Vitruvius man’. But we took curvy lines to illustrate the flow of evolutionary episodes. Also the little dots outside the curve illustrate the thinking ‘out of the box’.

    The Motto

    The motto is: Panta rhei kai ouden menei, which is ancient Greek for ‘Everything flows and nothing remains the same.’. This is the seed for an innovative mind. We see innovation as necessary to survive in the continuous evolution of the world. But innovation is also fun: it is surfing on the waves of change: adapt and play!

    The Mission

    RheaVita strives to develop and market fundamental improvements for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical medicines. This is done through technological developments based upon thorough fundamental research.

    Continuous Freeze Drying

    The purpose of freeze drying is to dehydrate (pharmaceutical) compositions such that the shelf-life is increased without loss of activity. Freeze drying is currently the most widely accepted technology to achieve this. The basic steps are: freezing, i.e. the product is in a solid state, sublimation, i.e. the ice crystals are transformed in vapor and desorption, i.e. the remaining ‘bound’ water is driven out. The current process is slow and therefore incorporated in batch systems.


    RheaVita has developed a methodology to reduce the processing time of the fundamental steps thereby enabling the transformation from a batch process to a continuous process. The engineering efforts are concentrated upon the realization of a system where the fundamental steps are achieved in modules. Modules are building blocks of complete systems, such that scale up can be done by putting identical modules in a parallel way.



    Expert Advise

    • Optimization of Freeze Drying processes
    • Formulation and Recipe Development
    • Analysis of data leading to recommendations for improvement
    • Development of concepts for new manufacturing strategies



    • Monitoring of freezing
    • Monitoring of drying
    • In-line inspection


    Training & Support

    • Hands-on training and workshop on Continuous Freeze Drying
    • PAT tools
    • Risk analysis (FMECA)
    • Creative techniques (TRIZ, mindmapping, brainstorming)


    General Terms and Conditions for Supply of Services by RheaVita

    Contact Us


    Incubatie & Innovatiecentrum UGent
    Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 3
    B 9052 Ghent

    Postal address:
    PO box 17
    Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 3
    B 9052 Ghent, Belgium

    Ir. Jos Corver (CEO)